Man Electrocuted In Nimba While Allegedly Stealing Current

SANNIQUELLIE – Nimba County – A hard tension wire belonging to Jungle Energy Power has allegedly electrocuted to death over power theft in Sanniquellie Nimba County.

According to our source, the alleged criminal met his demise after a heavy down pour of rain on Saturday, August 20, at the afternoon hours in the capital of the county.

Our sources said, the tension wire has been down in the post and telecommunication compound since the storm hit on March 31, 2022, and damaged many properties, which left citizens homeless in that part of Liberia.

Eye witnesses disclosed that the alleged criminal was seen in the rain cutting the tension wire, when he suddenly got shocked in the process after the rain was subsiding.

Sympathisers have blamed the management of Jungle Energy Power for what they called carelessness in handling the hard tension wire to keep it from being exposed in the community.

According to them, this would have caused more casualties.

A Medical Doctor from the government owned hospital; G. W. HARLEY pronounced the victim dead when he visited the scene.

All the sources quoted refused to be on record.

A fifteen-man jury has been established to find the actual cause of death.

Meanwhile JEP has not officially commented on the incident.

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