Maryland Muslims Lament Challenges Under Weah, Crave Cummings’ intervention If Elected President

PLEEBO, Maryland County – The Muslim Community of Maryland County has outlined series of challenges faced under the Weah-led government.  Their cries were made at the Pleebo Youth Center where they (the Muslim community) called Cummings and his entourage to interact with him on Sunday June 11, 2023 following his (Cummings) arrival in the county on Saturday June 10.

Speaking on behalf of the Muslim Community of Maryland, Mr.  Mamadou Diallo said, the Muslims in all parts of Liberia have been discriminated under the Weah-Taylor government.  Mr.  Diallo stressed the need for all citizens and religions including Muslims be treated fairly as stated in the Constitution of Liberia.

He said before independence, there were Muslims in Liberia, and as such, they deserve their “fair share of the national cake”.

“Whenever you are called Jalloh, Diallo, Bah, Saah, and so on, they see you as a foreigner. History can recall, we were here in Liberia before independence, but this government is discriminating us. Even at the education level at the University (Tubman University), we’re discriminated.  These things are hampering us,” he said.

In response, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings vowed to be the example of what he called ‘Good Leadership.’ Mr.  Cummings assured the Muslims that if elected, he will in no way discriminate anyone, no matter the nationality, ethnicity and religion, amongst other.

He described Liberia as a place whereby everyone should have equal rights and freedom to education and health, among others.

“We will set the example.  Leadership matters.  So, when I become a servant of the Liberian people as the president, I will set the right examples. All should be treated equally.”

Mr. Cummings, the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties is currently visiting Maryland, his home county.

He arrived to a rousing welcome on Saturday, via way of Ivory due to the deplorable road condition. Despite the heavy downpour all day on Saturday, Marylanders braved the rain and patiently awaited “their own to give him a deserving reception.”

Mr. Cummings said it was saddening to pass through neighboring Ivory Coast to get to the southeast all because of no road, adding that this speaks volume about the unbearable living condition of the people that has being exacerbated by the deplorable road condition.

He expressed disappointment over the government’s failure to do more in addressing the road menace, evidence House Speaker Bhofal Chambers’ recent passage through Ivory Coast to travel to Maryland and back to Monrovia. Cummings then promised to tackle the southeastern road problem in timely manner if elected come October.

“The reception yesterday was very heart-warming. To be welcomed in my home, it is so great for me. But the sad part is for me passing through another people’s country. I understand that the speaker and other government officials used that Ivory Coast road, but it’s unfortunate for us.  I will work on it when I resume work as President,” Mr.  Cummings vowed.

By:  Peter P.  Toe, Jr. in Maryland Correspondent

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