Meet Nelresa Teah, Liberia’s Women Under-17 Playmaker Compare to England Women’s Star Lauren James

Nelresa Teah, Liberia’s Women Under-17 Playmaker, Left, England Women’s Star Lauren James, Right

LIBERIA- Born and raised in Careysburg, one of the historical cities in Liberia Nelresa Teah is becoming one of the household names when it comes to women’s football in Liberia. The young lass is noted for her excellent speed and accuracy.

Her skills and abilities to dribble and create space for teammates have left many football followers speechless, calling her the next Lauren James.

Young Nelresa is an exceptional, prolific play-maker and a Spectacular Player whose game is to explore her positioning, which is a crucial element for any player to be strong. By continually moving into areas where she can make things happen, she will keep catching the eye and demonstrating a good understanding of the team’s game plan, which is a must if she is to nail down a regular place in her side starting XI in the upcoming.

Nelresa is most effective at operating in central areas; it is incorrect to assume that she is a worse player when out on the wings.

Instead, she transfers her individual qualities to those areas, again demonstrating the same positional awareness as before, and always looking to help her team out in any way that she can.
Therefore, when she is in dangerous areas like her idol Lauren James does on the pitch as usual, she takes control of situations and is a key player in dictating the next phases of play.

For Nelresa to have that type of character at such a young age is impressive.
However, it is important to note that the time to make this decision came from her positioning, showing again how it is one of her key qualities. The wings are not areas of the pitch that she often frequents but the fact that she can transfer her skills highlights her versatility and her ability to offer Shaita Angels different options tactically.

Born on March 15, 2003, young Nelresa remains a key factor in the Shaita Angels team, helping the Careysburg female giant club gain promotion back to the Women’s Upper League for the 2023/2024 League season and was part of the Club’s historical journey to 2022/2023 Orange Cup final and also guarded the angels to its first-ever major league title on April 23, 2023.

Her right-footed master class strike against Blanco FC on March 30, in the orange cup semi-final, at the ATS in Monrovia was recorded as one of the best goals in the competition by football lovers and followers, with her lone strike sending Shaita Angels to their ever first Orange Cup final.

With a promising future and an unbelievable talent, the young talent got her first invitation to the Liberia Women’s Under-17 team, which was a dream come true for her at the age of seventeen.
She made her Under-17 debut against neighboring Guinea on March 13, 2022, at the famous open-air ATS in Monrovia.

2022/2023 League Season

Starting the 2022/2023 League seasons in the Women’s Lower League a league that Shaita Angels run the show on their own.

Nelresa Teah contributed to Shaita Angel’s longest unbeaten runs in the Women’s Lower last season, contributing to more goals and assists, which guarded Shaita Angels to its first league championship.

From a local Community in Careysburg City, Montserrado County to Africa and the World at large, Nelresa Teah is becoming one of the household names in Liberia and working hard to make history in football.
Young Nelresa Teah has now been referred to by several sports lovers as the new Lauren James’ in the making, a star to be and a gift to soccer in Liberia.

Working hard every day and night just to improve her skills and get a good workout in a fun and social environment. Her Skills in training and during matches are perfect just like those with years of experience that are keen to improve.

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