Min. Rannie Debunks Sen. Johnson MDR’s Ascerction of Assassination by Govt., Describes as ‘Political Theatrics’

The Minister of Information, Cultural and Tourism Ledgerhood Rennie has described political theatrics and comical allegation by Senator Prince Johnson that he has received intelligence that the government is trying to assassinate or arrest him.

“There is no such plans by the government because Sen. Johnson has not done anything against the government of our Country as far as we are concern to warrant an arrest”, Min. Rannie said.

Earlier, Senator Johnson MDR told reporters late Thursday evening that he is been threatened because, there are those in the ruling establishment, that believe he is talking too much.

But, speaking in an interview with Voice of America Day Break Africa, Minister Ledgerhood Rennie said Senator Johnson has done nothing wrong against the government and there is no plan to arrest them.

According to him, for Senator Johnson to come on the local and international media purposely to say that the Liberian government wants to arrest him sounds crazy.

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