Min. Tweah Bows to Senate’s Pressures, Assures Payment of Civil Servant’s Salary

Capitol – Finance, and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah has assured Members of the Liberian senate that the government has commenced the payment of civil servants across the country for November.

Min. Tweah said any delay in the process is due to technical issues that need to be looked at by the bank.

He added that all workers will be paid for Christmas on or before the 15th of December, 2022.

The Finance Minister made the revelation when he appeared before the Liberian Senate to state reasons why he should not be held in contempt for not honoring its invite on several occasions to speak to National issues affecting workers across the country.

”I have no intention to disrespect the Liberian Senate and I will not disrespect the senate” he said.

Minister Tweah used the occasion to inform members of that august body that the government of Liberia doesn’t lack money to pay salaries as been perceived by some members of the Public.

He also assured members of that body of paying Civil Servants across the country beginning November 29 as mandated by President George Weah.

Addressing concerns about the ongoing protest action by Prosecutors and Public Defenders, he added that the Ministry is not aware of a delay in the salary of Public Defenders in the Judiciary except for vehicles requested and salary increments which he assures could be handled in the Fiscal Year 2023 National Budget.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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