Mixed Reactions Flood Social Media Amid Reports PSG Star Achraf Hakimi’s Massive Fortune Controlled By Mother

News that embattled Paris Saint-Germain defender Achraf Hakimi’s massive fortune is controlled by his mother continues to be greeted with mixed reactions by netizens.

According to report, the wife of the PSG Full back, Moroccan actress Hiba Abouk filed for divorce and demanded half of his property, but she was told by the court that her “Millionaire’ husband who receives €1 Million from PSG monthly owns nothing, saying all the footballer’s property is registered under his mother’s names.

Hakimi, 24, is 12 years younger than Abouk, whose US$2 million net worth pales in comparison with what the Morocco defender has amassed. The report noted that she filed in for divorce after her husband was accused by another woman of sexually assaulting her at his house on February 25, when she (Abouk) had gone out with their children.

Their short marriage could have ended with him giving up $8.5 million. He managed to hide the fact that nothing is in his name.

Hakimi’s estranged wife never realized that his mother was the one making all the purchases, including cars, jewelry and clothes.

Since the news broke social media has been flooded with mixed reactions with some heaping praises on the PSG star, while others criticizing him for his alleged action. K-news has been surfing the web and compiled these mixed comments.

Liberia’s popular social media sites, Chichipoly Room: “PSG Star Achraf Hakimi’s wife filed for divorce & wanted more than half of the Moroccan footballer’s property and fortune. When they arrived in court, they realized that Achraf Hakimi had nothing.  Achraf Hakimi had put his entire fortune under his mother’s name a long time. What a smart man! Hakimi being a mommy’s boy paid off! Adam gender leading Eve gender 10-0😂”

Nigerian author and socio-political activist, Reno Omokri: “Nobody can love you like God. But after God, nobody can love you like your mother, with the possible, but not certain, exception of your father! Hakimi makes us appreciate the lyrics of Prince Nico Mbarga’s Sweet Mother. You begin to understand why there are motherless babies’ homes, but no fatherless babies’ homes. Your wife may not take a bullet for you. But she will most likely take it for her child with you. Now, remember that you are your mother’s child.”

Veteran Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy: “Cunny man die, cunny man bury am. Dis Achraf Hakimi the football has dribbled his wife wey file for divorce and demanded half of his property. Hmm, some women sha. The woman weak when court informed her dat “Millionaire’ husband owns nothing. Everything he has was in his mother’s name. Gold diggers,” urging women to work hard for their own money

But in an opposing view, blogger Moghalu Ernest said he does not stand with Kakimi.

“If this is true, I sincerely do not stand with him on this. I strongly believe that a man’s readiness to get married isn’t only about being financially stable. There are lots of other factors that a man needs to check before declaring himself ready for marriage and one of them is leaving his father and mother to cleave to his wife,” Ernest wrote.

He continued: “Why on earth would a married man transfer all his properties to the mum? Your wife is supposed to be you and you your wife. That is why it is said that “two shall become one flesh.” Do not tell me that “do you know if the mum has proven to manage his wealth more than the wife”… Who knows, probably because he knew he had ‘nothing’ to lose that’s why he has allowed his marriage to hit the rock so that when his wife files for a divorce, nothing would go to the wife. This is being irresponsible and I am disappointed to see a lot of men supporting Hakimi’s style.  Being a man is not about growing moustache and having a deep voice. Being a man is being responsible.  Hakimi is not a man and when I have the opportunity to raise men, I won’t raise men like Hakimi.”

Another blogger, Michael Oyinkuru Prekumoh cautioned: “If the craftiness of Achraf Hakimi is your benchmark for treating your spouse, then you’re utterly and irredeemably irresponsible.

Everything in this part of the world mustn’t be a joke. The way and manner Nigerians are eulogizing Hakimi in the wake of his supposed victory over his estranged wife demonstrate the level of mistrust in our various homes today. How can you marry someone whom you do not trust?”

The debate aslo reached the pulpit with popular Ghanaian Prophet Opoku Sarkodie equating Hakimi’s alleged action to the manifestation of Satan’s agenda. He said football star is spreading Satan’s agenda. He said his action is in contrast to God’s commandment which states that a man will abandon his mother and father and cleave unto his wife and they shall become one.

How much does Achraf Hakimi earn per month?

Hakimi earns about $1 million per month from PSG, where he shares the locker room with the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar, but only keeps about 20 per cent.

The rest of his paycheck, around $215,000 per week, goes straight into his mother’s bank account.

He is the sixth highest-paid player in Africa and has become extremely popular ever since leading Morocco to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar semi-finals. Hakimi is also best friends with Kylian Mbappe.

His club and country have both showed support for him amid troubling accusations by a woman who claims Hakimi tried to rape her at his home.

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