Liberia: Momo Blamo Gets Multiple Offers from Orange Liberia National League-Clubs

2022-2023 Orange National League-2nd Division top goals scorer

LIBERIA: Momo Blamo Gets Multiple Offers Multiple Offers from Orange Liberia National League-Clubs

Former Tony FC sensational striker, Momo Blamo has disclosed that he has been approached by several Orange National League clubs who are keen to get his signature for the upcoming League Season.

Blamo recently got his first call on the Men’s Senior National Team of Liberia (The Lone Star) by Coach Ansu Keita in June of this year.

The 2022-2023 Orange National League-2nd Division top goals scorer called to the Local Lone Star team is based on his stunning performance in his debut season of the Orange National League-2nd Division where he scored registered 30 goals in all competitions in the league in 29 appearances.

He registered 29 goals in the Orange National League (2nd Division League) and one in the Orange Cup, a remarkable record set by the youngster far from the Liberian capital.

His goal feast in his debut season surpassed his teammate Abraham Kamara who became the club highest goal-scorer, and moreover winning the golden boot award during the 2021-2022 league season.

The former Tony FC prolific goal merchant became the first player in the club history in his debut season to score 29 goals in 27 appearances in the league and moreover clinched the top scorer award but netted 30 goals for club in 28 appearances.

Speaking to this paper, Momo Blamo disclosed” yes, I have been in contact with numerous clubs in the second division and moreover in the top-tier and there has been offers but nothing concrete yet”.

Even at such moment when he is now focusing on making his debut for Liberia in the CHAN Championship months from now.

“I received a lot of offers from clubs in the League. It is for real and moreover some Journalists are aware of the situation, clubs were or are stay in contact with me even where I am focused on National Duty, but there is nothing concrete,” Blamo stated.

It is all no secret that clubs are interested in landing the Shaita FC or Tony FC prolific goal scorer Blamo.

Orange Cup 2022-2023 runner-up Watanga FC, former back-to-back champions LPRC Oilers and Nimba Kwado FC of the topflight are the top-tier club eager in the service of the youngster (Blamo) as well as Black Man Warrior and Jubilee FC from the second division.

With his proven track record and successful debut season with Tony FC, many clubs in the League are thirsty to have Blamo lead their teams to glory in the upcoming campaign.

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