Mother of Quadruplets Appeals for Financial Assistance to Support Her Children

PAYNESVILLE – A mother of five is making a heartfelt plea to the Liberian government, humanitarian organizations, and compassionate citizens to provide financial assistance to help her care for her quadruplets.

Ma Famatta Kanneh gave birth to her now two-year-old quadruplets in Kakata, Margibi County, and has been facing significant challenges in providing for her children due to financial constraints.
Conceiving quadruplets (four babies at once) is an exceedingly rare occurrence, happening in just 1 in 700,000 pregnancies, with approximately 90 percent of quadruplets conceived with the assistance of medical technology.

“I want Liberian people to help me. We even tried going to the President [George Weah] to ask him for help, but the security can’t allow us to sit down at the gate for him to see us. Even yesterday, we went to the Church (President Weah’s Church) the whole day we did not get five dollars from there.”

Speaking to K-News, Famatta disclosed that her husband is a tailor, and they have been relying on his sewing business for their livelihood. Unfortunately, business has not been going well, and she herself is not currently engaged in any income-generating activities.

“I born these four children two years ago, but it is not easy. After they were born, the hospital was helping us, but for now nobody helping us again. Taking care of these four children and our older daughter is not easy,” Famatta explained when she was accompanied by her husband and the children to CT COM compound in Paynesville.
She also mentioned that Margibi County District #3 lawmaker, Ellen Attoh Wreh, had paid half of her rent and promised to cover the remaining portion. However, the promise has remained unfulfilled for two years.

Ma Famatta Kanneh revealed that all her family members reside in Lofa County, making it difficult for her to constantly seek financial support from them. She expressed her earnest desire for financial assistance to start a small business.

“I want people to help us with money, so that I can sell small, small things because it is not every day we will be begging for money. We have to go Redlight Market from store to store begging, some people give us 50 Liberian dollars some people gave us soap. It is not easy on us. The suffering is too much.”
For those willing to help, Famatta can be reached at 0886845118.

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