Nimba Senators Uncertain over CDC- Pres. Weah Reelection

Nimba  County Senator Jeremiah Koung says he and Sen. Prince Johnson are not sure of endorsing President Weah’s re-election bid over failure to settle the Ganta land dispute and appoint Nimbians into Ministerial positions.

Recently, Senator Koung appeared on a local radio station in Ganta stating that he and Senator Prince Johnson are not happy with the CDC-led government, and promised not to endorse President Weah’s second term bid.

Sen. Koung: “I am not happy with the CDC Government.”

 “Up to now, I am supporting President Weah but, this could change depending on the result of the negotiation on behalf of our people. Sen. Prince Y. Johnson, my political leader, is not also happy with the government, we are reviewing the MDR marriage with the Coalition, in terms of what have we benefited as a party,” he said.

Senator Jeremiah Koung attributed his statement to the level of bad treatment against the citizens of Nimba by the Weah-led administration. It comes in the wake of rumors that Mr. Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) was considering picking Koung as a running mate in the pending 2023 presidential and general elections.

He alleged that qualified citizens of Nimba have been denied ministerial positions in Government, including other forms of marginalization, despite the huge support the Liberian Leader received from Nimba during the 2017 general elections.

Nimba County, according to the 2008 National Housing and Population Census, had a population of about 462,026. From the National Elections Commission (NEC) 2017 statistics, Nimba had a voting population of 279,601, of this number, 200,791 votes were cast in the county. 

Despite the presence of 20 Presidential candidates in that 2017 presidential race, the Unity Party was led by Vice President Joseph Boakai and Senator Weah, who headed the CDC, were inarguably the heavyweights in that election, but still, Senator Johnson was overwhelmingly voted for by kinsmen and women in Nimba. 

He attained 107,430 votes of the 200,791 votes that were cast. That constituted 53.5% of the overall votes in the county. The margin between Senator Johnson and Vice President Boakai, who came out second in Nimba was a 67,466 difference. VP Boakai obtained 39,964 votes. 

Senator Johnson’s support to Pres. Weah in the second round of the election saw Pres. Weah attains an overwhelming victory in the election.

Senator Johnson is on record for expressing his regrets for rallying the vote-rich Nimba in support of President Weah. However, pundits say this has been his strategy to get the President in line with his demands.

In August 2020, while expressing his regrets, Sen. Johnson walked out of the Senate’s confirmation proceedings for a new Superintendent of Nimba County. President George Weah had appointed Mr. Nelson N. Korquoi to replace outgoing Dorr Cooper. Cooper is said to be a supporter of Sen. Johnson.  

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