Nimba United 1-1 Heaven Eleven: Kollie Korvah scores to salvage a point for the visitors

It was another disappointing result for Nimba United in what appears to be a difficult season for the Northstar boys.

An end-to-end start at the bald-headed field reflected the importance of the game for both sides, with Nimba United looking for the opener.

The host settled into the half, though, and created chances aplenty which resulted in a 1-0 lead over the visitors in the first half.

Last season golden boots winner Prince Zawoh opened the scoring for Nimba United in the seventh minute when he sent in a left-footed strike beating Heaven Eleven’s goalkeeper Alpha Sesay to put his side ahead of visitors.

Heaven Eleven had more than sixty percent of ball possession and created more chances; resulting in eight corner kicks, and nine plus set-pieces, and started pressing their former rivals throughout the game.

Prince Kofie had the opportunity to level the score for Heaven Eleven when he missed a sitter from close-range half an hour into the match.

Heaven Eleven had several other chances to find the equalizer in the first half but misused all their chances resulting in a 1-0 defeat for the Heavenly boys in the first half.

But Heaven Eleven secured a precious point away from home when Kollie Korvah collected a waste ball from captain Dirkir Glay inside the half of Nimba United and fired the equalizer in the fifty minutes, five minutes into the second half of the match.

Heaven Eleven made a late push for the win but kept missing chances and were left frustrated in a game they probably should have won.

The visitors left frustrated in the eighty-five minutes when star midfielder Alphonso Williams was shown a straight Red Card by central referee Moses Tokpah on Sunday evening at the Northstar sports stadium in Mount Barclay.

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