Opposition Unity Party Expresses Worries About Standard Bearer’s Safety and Privacy in Light of “Unsubstantiated” Claims

Monrovia -The Unity Party has voiced serious reservations about the security and confidentiality surrounding its Standard Bearer, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr.
During a press briefing, the party’s spokesperson, Mo Ali, alleged that certain high-ranking government figures, including Presidential Aide Sekou Kalasco Damaro and Deputy Finance Minister Samora P. Z. Wolokolie, were responsible for disseminating inaccurate information concerning their Standard Bearer’s health. Ali further implicated the National Security Agency (NSA) in the unauthorized release of CCTV footage depicting Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr.’s movements at the Roberts International Airport.
Mo Ali asserted that the Roberts International Airport management had provided the CCTV footage to NSA chief Sam Siryon, an act which he claimed contravened section 17.40.3 of Liberia Aviation Regulations, Volume XXI No. 70 dated August 11, 2021.
The NSA and the officials accused are yet to respond to the allegations.
The party spokesperson communicated that rigorous efforts were underway to initiate a prompt investigation aimed at discerning the motives behind this blatant infringement on Boakai’s right to privacy.

Ali also leveled accusations against the Liberian Government, asserting that the National Security Agency had clandestinely surveilled their Standard Bearer, insinuating a potentially menacing agenda behind these actions.

The Unity Party, known as the “Rescue Mission,” appealed to international entities, including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the United States Embassy, the European Union, and the United Nations, urging their intervention to address what the party views as an infringement on privacy and threats to the well-being of their Standard Bearer.

Additionally, the party hinted at possible legal ramifications stemming from the unauthorized dissemination of the CCTV footage.

By: Daniel Theo Cole

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