Opposition Unity Party Garners Enormous Turnout at Campaign Rally

MONROVIA – Supporters of the opposition Unity Party came out in force at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) to launch their national campaign ahead of the October 10 elections.

Chanting battle cries and pro-UP slogans, the supporters paraded through the streets of each district in Montserrado County, ultimately converging at ATS around 10:30 AM to officially kick off the UP campaign.
They chanted: “Our pa sorry, we made mistake.” “No more Kush.”

K-NEWS noted that by 10 o’clock, the Antoinette Tubman Stadium was already half full with thousands of UP supporters.

Due to bad weather, supporters with vehicles found themselves stuck in traffic for hours, leaving their cars parked on the roadsides, with police officers watching over them as they made their way to ATS.

Unity Party Rescue Mission Supporters defied the rainy weather, viewing it as a blessing from heaven, ensuring that no one lost their enthusiasm.

By 2:50 PM, supporters from all corners of Montserrado County had gathered at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in anticipation of the arrival of Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai and other prominent members of the party.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and Representative Yekeh Kolubah were also seated by about 3:03 PM.

The supporters, numbering in the tens of thousands, thronged the streets with unwavering enthusiasm.

However, the Unity Party’s decision to hold the campaign launch on a Sunday drew criticism from supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), who viewed it as disrespectful to Liberia’s Christian community.

Liberia’s upcoming elections mark the fourth consecutive poll since the end of the civil war. In these elections, Liberians will elect 73 representatives, 15 senators, one vice president, and one president.

Unity Party supporters expressed their determination to rescue Liberia from the clutches of youthful criminals and drug lords, emphasizing the urgency of their mission.

Joshua Milton Blahyi, an ex-warlord in attendance at the UP campaign launch, criticized President Weah and the CDC for endorsing the importation of drugs, which he believes is harming Liberia’s citizens. Blahyi argued that President Weah, whom he referred to as a referee, should not be given a second chance to lead Liberia, as he is overseeing the widespread proliferation of narcotics in the country.

He asserted that Liberia has lost international recognition and relevance, and it’s high time that Liberians stand up against bad governance and reclaim their country.

By: Daniel Theo Cole

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