Opposition UP Warns NEC to Extend Voter Registration Date- Latest Liberian News

Margibi- At the signing of the Farmington Declaration, the political leader of the opposition Unity Party (UP), Joseph Boakai is requesting the National Election Commission (NEC) to extend the registration process in the first six counties.

“As we pen our signatures to this Farmington River Declaration that will commit us to a NON-VIOLENT, FREE, FAIR and TRANSPARENT Legislative and Presidential elections, we call on the National Elections Commission to consider extending the registration process in the first six counties,” he said.

Amb. Boakai’s statement follows several complaints that the BVR process is slow and can not register every eligible voter across the country.

Even though NEC through its Chairperson, Davidetta Brown- Lansanah has said that the process is on course and will not be extended, the former Vice President believes that failure of the election body to adhere to their calls, will be a violation of the rights of Liberians to participate in the pending elections.

At the same time, Amb. Boakai is challenging the government of Liberia through NEC to avoid an unhealthy process leading to the 2023 elections.

The Amb. Boakai believed that all the processes leading to the 2023 elections are full of violence among others.

Speaking at the signing of the Farmington Declaration, the former Vice President pointed out that all the bi-elections conducted under the Weah-Tayor leadership have been marred by violence and the perpetrators are awaiting future orders to recommit electoral violence.

Excerpt from Boakai: “Since the assumption of leadership by President Weah and the CDC, we have witnessed several bi-elections that have been marred by violence. While on her campaign launch on November 17, 2018, the UP candidate in the bi-election to replace Rep. Saah Joseph of District 13, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, was violently attacked by people believed to have been partisans of the CDC.”

Amb. Boakai used the occasion to call on the international community to thoroughly monitor and ensure that the process is credible, transparent, and non-violent.

The Farmington Declaration aims at committing state and non-state actors, politicians, and CSOs to non-violent, free, fair, and transparent elections in Liberia.

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