Over LRD30,000 Consignment of Marijuana Seized in NTA Bus, No Owner Identified

Maryland County: The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Maryland Detachment has arrested parcels of marijuana in one of the buses of the National Transit Authority (NTA) in Maryland County.

Commander of the LDEA Maryland Chapter, Agent Joseph Tegeddine disclosed that the narcotics substances were arrested as a result of a security search made in the NTA Buss at the 1-2-1-2 checkpoint on Pleebo to Harper highway at 2 pm on Monday, February 6, 2023

The LDEA Boss stressed that since the arrest of the drugs, no passenger on the Bus at the time had claimed ownership.

“We will arrest the operators of the Bus if we find none of the passengers to show ownership of these items. This is the continued habit of many people to bring drugs into the county by the Busses,” he said

“These are some of the reasons we continue to check every mobile at our checkpoints every time before passing on,” Commander Tageddine maintained.

In 2022, the LDEA Maryland chapter arrested two alleged notorious drug dealers who are currently at the Fish Town prison, awaiting court trial.

By: Peter P. Toe, Jr- Maryland Correspondent

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