PLP Rubbishes Reports Linking Its Political Leader to Fraud Charges in New Jersey

The opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has rubbish reports of the insurance fraud charges leveled against its political leader Dr.Daniel E. Cassell by the State of New Jersey. 

Cassell was indicted by the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey with first-degree money laundering, second-degree theft by deception, and multiple counts of conspiracy, insurance fraud, and other charges outlined below.

The Acting New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP), also accused Cassell and his wife, Bindu Cassell, of using their mental health clinics to hide unreported income, and failed to report “more than US$11 million in additional New Jersey-earned income on NJ non-resident income tax returns” from 2016-2018. 

However, Dr. Cassell’s political party in a release claimed that its political leader is being wrongfully accused, and would be exonerated from all criminal charges levied against him by the US State of New Jersey.

“The PLP would like to state emphatically that the accusations levied against its Vision/Standard Bearer remain ‘doctored allegations’ that can only be proven or denied through the presentation of hard facts or substantive evidence during a court hearing or procedures and not by hearsay,” 

The party’s National Chairman Tapple Doe, further that “Indictment is not a guilty verdict but a process of proceeding to trial and as such, its Standard Bearer remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States.”

The political institution believes that Dr. Cassell would return to Liberia in time for the 2023 election to continue his “crusade to liberate Liberia and its citizens from bad governance, segregation, deprivation, corruption, and other vices and societal ills that have kept them backward for several decades.”

 “We remain focused, determined, and dedicated to building cells by consistently engaging our fellow citizens throughout the length and breadth of our country, and intervening to resolve the mountainous aged-old problems that they are faced with.”

Cassell’s alleged crime, according to Platkin, took place between January 2015 and October 2021, and the New Jersey Office of the Insurance Fraud Protector began investigating him and his company, Kwenyan Professional Health Services, LLC and Kwenyan and Associates, which operated clinics across New Jersey in 2019.

The companies operated until October 2021. Officials said Cassell, his wife, and some employees used the Kwenyan name to hide income on tax returns — using the clinics to conceal the couple’s income in a US$1 million tax evasion scheme — and defraud Medicaid with a phony billing scheme. They also defrauded Progressive Insurance Company, officials said.

Two of Cassell’s employees submitted thousands of false claims to Medicaid for mental health services that were never performed, or were billed incorrectly, New Jersey officials noted. 

They are charged, along with Cassell, with second-degree conspiracy to commit health care claims fraud, second-degree health care claims fraud, third-degree conspiracy to commit Medicaid Fraud, and third-degree Medicaid Fraud.


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