Police Arrest two, Forward to Court for Impersonating as Journalists

The Liberia National Police have charged three men with forgery, criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation, and solicitation impersonating FrontPage Africa reporters.

Defendants Cyrus Jackson Doe and Junior Folley were forwarded to court for impersonating Lennart Dodoo, editor at the media institution with the intent of extorting money from high-ranking officials and blackmailing them. 

Defendant Doe and his accomplice Folley were arrested based on a complaint filed to the police by Mr. Dodoo that he had received calls from several government officials that someone was demanding cash from them in his name.

Some of the officials who had confronted Mr. Dodoo include the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Auditor General of Liberia, the Executive Director of the EPA Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, the Comptroller General of Liberia, and Asst. Min. Jessie Koboi, the head of NASSCORP, EPS Director, Sen. Prince Moye, Foreign Minister, among others. 

Meanwhile, the suspects have been forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for further investigation.  

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