Police Deployed In Lofa for By-Election Security Face Hardship in Discharge of Duties, Knews Uncovers

Voinjama, Lofa County- Knews has gathered that members of the Liberia National Police (LNP) assigned in Lofa to provide security for the fiercely contested By-election in the County are experiencing difficulties, ranging from logistical to shelter and per diem.

According to internal sources, most of the rented vehicles that are being used by the 100 Forum Police Unit (FPU) comprising of both Police Support Unit (PSU) and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) have broken down due to mechanical faults. Owing to the situation, some of the officers are walking on long distances, the sources said.

Knews has in its possession real time footage from Lofa where Police officers were seen walking due to the breakdown of their vehicles.

When contacted, Police Spokesperson Moses Carter acknowledged that there were rented cars but he was not aware they were experiencing mechanical faults; except the difficulties encountered due to the deplorable road condition.

In addition, the sources added that only L$15,000 were given to each officer as allowance instead of the earmarked L$30,000; lamenting that instead of paying their actual per diem, the LNP is renting one car at US$100 and US$150 United States dollars per day for ten days.

The team, the sources added, is headed by ACP Christopher Robert (U-121), the head of PSU Unit.

“The condition of the officers is terribly bad with some seeking rescue at uncomfortable cost,” a source claimed.

“There are six to seven Police officers sleeping in a single room at the local police station while others are sleeping in the living rooms of other assigned officers in the county.”

Carter, in response noted that the officers in Lofa were given their actual allowances and that he was not aware of any complaint from them. He, however stated he will contact relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, the news comes as the campaign enters into its final and crucial stages as political parties and independent candidates scramble to woo voters. It also comes as news of violent tussles between supporters of the Unity Party’s candidate, Galakpai Kortima and Independent Candidate Cllr. Joseph Jallah who is being heavily backed by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

By William Howard

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