Porkpa District Citizens Accused Police Authorities of Refusing to Respond to Election Violence

SENJI, Grand Cape Mount County – Citizens of Grand Cape Mount County have accused the Liberia National Police (LNP) of deliberately refusing to respond to election violence in Porkpa District.

It can be recalled; that on the 30th of August, a fight allegedly ensued between two family members from opposing political parties, which reportedly led to shooting and injuries in Porkpa District.

According to Porkpa District Commissioner Lawrence Brown, when he contacted the County Police commander, he was told that the Police would not respond to incidents that occur at night because the lone vehicle serving the entire County has been damaged beyond repair for a very long time.

For his part, the County Superintendent, Aaron Vincent said the district is understaffed when it comes to security deployment. He further disclosed that he also contacted the County Police Commander who told him that the police do not have the capacity to intervene or respond to violence, and that it is risky to ride motorcycles to Porkpa District.

As a result of the shooting incident, citizens of Porkpa District reportedly slept in the surrounding bushes for two nights for fear that another shooting might take place due to the agitation between supporters of the two candidates.

When contacted County Police Commander Joseph Mulbah said the vehicle assigned to them in Cape Mount is now beyond repair and can no longer help them.  He also said if they do not get a vehicle before the election period, it would be difficult for them to respond to violence in the County.

The Commander also appealed to the central government to realize the urgency of the situation and provide the needed logistics for the Police in Grand Cape Mount as the County is one of the areas noted for election violence.

Meanwhile, the Paramount Chief of the District, Jamiayatu Watson also appealed to the government for more logistics to the police, noting that Porkpa is a border town to neighboring Sierra Lone.

By: Jenneh S. Kemokai, contributing writer

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