Pres. Weah Challenges Presidential Aspirants to Prioritize Country Over Personal Interest in October Elections

President told the gathering that peaceful elections does not rest on his shoulders alone but every aspirant- Photo: Emansion

SINKOR, Liberia- President George Weah challenged presidential aspirants in the pending October 10 polls to prioritize the interest of Liberia over personal interest during and after these electioneering processes.

President Weah said the October 10 poll is an opportunity to consolidate democracy and showcase the country’s maturity in handling its democratic processes.

In a special statement Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at a session on “Promoting Peaceful 2023 Elections” with the theme, “Building the Confidence of the Presidential Candidates in the Workings of the NEC”, organized by the National Elections Commission and its partners, including ECOWAS and UN-Liberia, President Weah recalled how far Liberia has come democratically and in term of peace since the end of what he termed “the dark days of conflict”.

The session by NEC to promote peace in the 2023 Elections was graced by National and International Partners- Photo: Emansion

The President said it will be an honorable testament on the part of participating stakeholders, mainly presidential candidates, to their commitment to peace, security, and democracy when Liberia conducts elections this year without a peacekeeping force on the ground.

The CDC Political Leader used the occasion to urge aspirants to lead by example and ensure that “the electoral process is transparent and inclusive.

“As we approach the October 10th General and Presidential Elections, let us remember that the success of these elections does not exclusively rest with me or any single individual,” Dr. Weah said, adding: “It requires the full and committed participation of all our citizens and the support of our friendly partners. Our collective interest in the well-being of Liberia must always remain paramount, even as we pursue our individual political ambitions.”

He described it as a proud moment that must be seized to demonstrate to the world that Liberians, as a people, are capable of holding credible and transparent elections.

President Weah has reassured aspirants and all Liberians that his administration, in collaboration with the National Elections Commission, will spare no effort in ensuring that the October 10th elections meet all national and international standards.

He reaffirmed his determination to uphold the principles of democracy and provide a level playing field for all candidates and political parties.

“But, as your President, and Leader, I must remind you that the task of building a peaceful and prosperous Liberia requires the collective efforts of every citizen, regardless of political affiliation,” he cautioned, calling on aspirants and other political actors to put aside their differences and unite for the greater good of the nation.

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