Pres. Weah’s Senior Protocol Officer Indicted for Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assaul

The Chief Protocol officer in the office of president George Weah , Madam  Cleopatra Cummings has unanimously been found guilty by trial jurors after months of hearing a case for the crime of Aggravated Assault.

Madam Cummings overwhelming guilty verdict comes months after Madam Cummings was indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County, for the crimes of aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit murder.

The jurors sitting on the case at Criminal court ‘A’ were mostly females. Cleopatra Cummings was charged for allegedly attempting to kill Grace Wah with a razor blade in February 25, 2022.

It can be recalled that defendant Cummings during a conference with the victim was asked to apologize but she insisted on paying for damages rather than giving an apology to Grace Wah; an act, which prosecution said is a clear indication that the defendant committed the crime.

Cummings indictment came after Magistrate Patrick Tamba of the Gardnesville Magisterial court held a legal conference with defense and prosecuting lawyers to ascertain the nature of the case.

During the conference, it was established that the President’s Chief Protocol Officer’s action against victim Wah was in consistent with Chapter 12, Section 12.3 of the Criminal Procedure of Liberia.

The case was forwarded to Criminal court A at the Temple of Justice, where the defendant has been duly tried by law.

However, speaking to reporters after the guilty verdict, victim Grace Wah narrated how defendant Cummings attacked her after accusing her of dumping dirt in front of her gate which she said was not the case.

According to her, the defendant held her by the cloth, and demanded that she would not leave because she had insulted her, which the victim claimed was totally untrue. 

“This lady Madam Cummings, held my blouse and said I was not going anywhere because I insulted her and I wanted to runaway” she stated

She furthered that an argument ensued between them, which led to the president’s chief Protocol officer  using razor blade to tear her face.

Madam Wah added that after the incident, Cummings boldly told her that the case would go nowhere, stressing that she has served four president and has high connections.

“I feel very happy and I know Justice is in this country, because this lady said that, nothing was going to come out of it because she works in the government” she added.

She however thanked the 12 men trial jurors for giving her the Justice that she deserve; furthering that there is indeed Justice in the country.

Meanwhile, the Judge of Criminal court A were the case had been on trial has reserved ruling; giving a probation period,  were the Ministry of Justice will investigate the defendant character in her community and other places, to ascertain if the defendant has a well-mannered behavior.

Base on the report from the MOJ, the Judge will make a determination in the matter on or before June 27, 2022.

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