President George Weah Rallies for Resounding Victory Come October Amidst Fierce Opposition

Monrovia – Addressing a fervent crowd of CDC partisans at Slip-way field in District 8, President George Weah rallied Liberians to stand united and vote decisively in the upcoming October tenth election.

President Weah emphasized that the re-election of CDC candidates is pivotal to maintaining the momentum of ongoing national development. He asserted that the absence of CDC lawmakers could potentially impede progress, citing opposition lawmakers’ potential resistance in the legislature. He specifically urged voters to support Acarous Moses Gray and Senator Saah Joseph for the positions of representative and senator, respectively, in the upcoming election.

The Liberian Leader also made a heartfelt plea, particularly to first-time voters, requesting their votes not only for him but for all CDC candidates. He humorously referred to the collective support as a potential birthday gift, as his birthday falls on November first.

“Fellow Liberians, my birthday is on October first, and what I wish for is your vote for me and all CDC candidates. Without your support, I might face challenges, and the work I aim to do will be hindered by opposition lawmakers. Cast your votes for Moses Acarous Gray and Saah Joseph in October, so we can sustain the ongoing development,” he passionately pleaded.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph directed strong criticism at Opposition Leader Joseph Boakai, holding him accountable for a lack of progress in Lofa County during his twelve-year tenure. Senator Joseph urged Lofaians not to support Boakai’s presidential bid, highlighting President Weah as the preferable choice for the upcoming elections.

“Don’t allow them to fool you.  I am a Kissi man from Loa County. What I will say to you is to vote for President Weah so that he will do more. Amb Boakai was there before and he failed the Lofaians for twelve years. What more can he say? Do not vote for President Weah,” he asserted.

Senator Joseph presented a comprehensive list of substantial developments achieved under President Weah’s leadership and encouraged supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change to prioritize maintaining peace throughout Liberia.

As the election fervor intensifies, President George Weah’s defying the rain and rallying call for the ruling CDC signifies these elections will be stiffer than the last one in 2017.

By Daniel Theo Cole

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