President Weah Calls for Non-violence, Urges CDC Supporters to Respect Political Differences

President George Weah on his campaign mode in Paynesville

PAYNESVILLE, LIBERIA: President George Weah has issued a plea to his supporters within the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), urging them to refrain from resorting to violence against individuals who hold differing political views. The President’s appeal comes in response to a recent incident highlighted by K-NEWS involving Eldrick Kruzon, a former CDC loyalist who accused fellow party members of subjecting him to brutal treatment.

Kruzon, who had opted not to endorse the CDC’s second term bid, found himself at odds with a group of ardent supporters of President Weah. The disagreement escalated, resulting in physical assault and injuries, including a visible wound on his right arm that he attributed to a machete attack.

Responding to Kruzon’s allegation during a campaign tour in Montserrado County’s District #4, President Weah addressed his supporters, urging them to demonstrate restraint and respect for the choices of fellow citizens who no longer align with the CDC’s ideology.

“We have some elements that have no sense at all, Cdcians, Weahcians, I beg you, avoid these people,” he said. “If any of your friends decide to leave you because they don’t want to support the CDC, let him go, do not chop them.”
The recent incident involving Kruzon marks the third reported case of alleged violence against individuals perceived to be supporters of the Unity Party Standard Bearer, Joseph Boakai, a leading political rival to President Weah.

Early last week, a motorcyclist claimed to have been subjected to physical assault by individuals believed to be supporters of President Weah, purportedly due to his display of campaign stickers associated with the opposition Unity Party.
In another incident, a motorcyclist claimed that he was allegedly brutalized by officers of the Presidential Guard, the Executive Protection Service for carrying campaign stickers bearing the images of Amb. Boakai and his running mate Senator Jeremiah Koung. However, the EPS Director denied the allegation, asserting that no such event had taken place.

President Weah’s public plea for non-violence underscores the importance of maintaining civility and respect in political discourse. However, the President has been criticized for not taking concrete actions to reprimand his supporters involved in these violence.

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