President Weah Finds disgraced Ex-Chief of Staff’s Temporary Replacement

Monrovia, Liberia – President George Weah has appointed Bishop George Blamoh Wesseh, the Deputy Minister of State for Administration at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs G. Wesseh Blamoh, as Acting Minister of State Presidential Chief of Staff.

Minister Wesseh’s appointment, which is not subject to confirmation comes in the wake of President Weah’s ex-Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill’s resignation amid damaging U.S. sanctions against him and two other former government officials, Bill Twehway, who headed the National Port Authority, and Sayma Syrenius Cephus, former Solicitor General.

A statement posted on the Executive Mansion Website stated that Mr. Blamo assumes the full fiduciary authority to manage the affairs of the Office of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in keeping with the Act creating that Office.

President Weah was forced to accept McGill and his colleagues’ resignations halfway through this month following pressure from a wide segment of the public including the civil society and the opposition leaders for not dismissing them.

Prior to their resignations, the President suspended the men from their roles in mid-August after Washington imposed sanctions on them over corruption allegations tied to multi-million-dollar contracts and at least $1.5 million in diverted public funds.

In letters written to the president, the three officials denied the allegations and said they were willing to prove their innocence in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Before their suspension, President Weah had earlier asked their deputies to act in their positions.

Since McGill’s resignation, several names have popped up as his possible replacement. Among them, are Maritime Commissioner Lenn Eugene Nagbe and Information Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie.

Who is G. Blamoh Wesseh

The new acting Presidential Affairs Minister G. Wesseh Blamo is currently the Bishop of the Reformed Pentecostal Ministry and former Representative of Grand Kru County District #2.

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