Presidential Aspirant Gongloe Calls for Dismissal of Three Sanctioned Officials

Presidential hopeful Cllr Tiawon Gongloe says, three of the “dirt” in the Weah-led administration, sanctioned by the US embassy, should be dismissed immediately. 

He said that the suspension of Nathaniel McGill, Bill Tweahway and Cllr Sayma Syrenius Cepus is a slap in the face of the Liberian people. 

“Three of the dirt in government have been identified by the US. They should be dismissed. We cannot clean dirt and put it on the side, the breeze will blow it back” said the human rights lawyer, Gongloe 

Cllr Gongloe speaking at the Temple of Justice said those sanctioned by the US embassy were reckless and insensitive to the people they served and as such they should not be allowed to come back in government. 

“When you suspend people, they come back. We do not want them in government and I believe I’m speaking on behalf of many Liberians” Gongloe said.

He, at the same time noted that the job of a responsible government is to seek the interest of its people; thus prioritizing their safety and welfare. 

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Cllr. Gongloe maintained that the president is risking his relationship with the United States government, if he does not dismiss those officials who were sanctioned, adding that the president risked being sanctioned himself. 

“The American government took action against three of our important government officials, bordering on corruption, human rights abuse and tampering with the Justice system” he acknowledged.

He, at the same time said, recent statement by the minister state in Bong County to citizens where he stated: “Even if I steal, I am developing the county and country at large than those who stole and carried abroad” may have triggered the US actions. 

According to Cllr. Gongloe Washington D.C. has a strong policy against corruption and human rights abuses, noting that it is very disgraceful for a Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Solicitor General and the National Port Authority boss to be sanctioned by US government which is the first in the history of the Republic of Liberia.

The former Liberian National Bar Association president added that if president Weah doesn’t immediately dismiss those sanction officials of his government, he, and others will publicly campaign to prevent the president’s impending visit to the United States in December this year.

“I believe that I was one of those who led the campaign for the sanction against those officials of government because of my stance against corruption.”

“Because of corruption, children are out of school, infant mortality are on the increase, maternity mortality are on the rise, no drugs in at various health facilities and schools going children still sitting under dilapidated school buildings”.

Gongloe continued; “Change for Hope has created hopelessness and dismay for citizens especially when President Weah has built 48 duplexes opposite the Baptist Seminary on the RIA highway which paved the road for his officials of government to follow his footsteps.”

Meanwhile, Cllr. Gongloe said the new LACC act specifically section 10.9 is meant to silent or keep corruption under the carpet and said act also undermines the Freedom of Information Act.

He lamented that if president Weah is not careful, he will be sanctioned because he’s the one promoting corruption.

The Liberian human rights and presidential hopeful however noted that the current state of the country is worse than when there was civil unrest in the Country.

By: Rachael Seykiamien

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