Presidential Hopeful Beysolow Nyanti Condemns Drug Smuggling in Liberia


MONROVIA – Reverend Sara Beysolow Nyanti, the Standard Bearer of the African Liberation League (ALL), has issued a robust condemnation of the illicit drug trade in Liberia, especially its alleged involvement by government officials.

Madam Nyanti expressed her deep concerns in a press release issued on Tuesday, where she commended the vigilance of the Armed Forces of Liberia personnel for their pivotal role in detecting and seizing drugs at Roberts International Airport.

Madam Nyanti, one of the two female presidential candidates in the upcoming October elections, is staunchly committed to safeguarding Liberia’s sovereignty against corrupt and nefarious practices, as emphasized by her party.

Her party has highlighted her dedication to this cause and her previous pledge to establish a whistle-blower account. This account will reward loyal citizens whose actions lead to the arrest and conviction of individuals involved in drug trafficking within Liberia.

In her recent statement, the Senior Party Leader of the African Liberation League underlined the significance of collective efforts in combating the drug trade within the nation, emphasizing that acts of patriotism like these underscore the importance of unity.

Nyanti emphatically stated, “The solution to the drug problem in Liberia goes beyond the rehabilitation of our affected children; it also involves intercepting the importation of harmful substances. We must put an end to the importation of drugs.”

She reaffirmed that the fight against this scourge stands as one of the central pillars of her presidential candidacy.

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