Princess Cooper finally laid to rest Amid Family’s Cries for Justice

MONROVIA – Grieves and tears poured out of the hearts and eyes of family members of the late Princess Cooper who died mysteriously in the ELWA Junction vicinity in Monrovia, as she was laid to rest over the weekend.

Not holding back their words, family members said, there was no justice given them. They lashed at the Liberian Government for thwarting proper investigation process, but government has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the investigation.

In a moving tribute, family’s spokesman Dr. Abel Momo lamented: “Could this be justice when your lifeless body left in crime scene by an unknown person; that even those responsible to grant you security couldn’t account for? Could this be justice when the scene wasn’t protected? Could this be justice Princess when normal businesses were allowed to continue few hours after discovering you dead?”

He continued: “Could this even be justice when persons of interests were transported to safe Haven, those under obligation granted them pathway to go to safe Haven. Could this still be justice when the kids who spotted you dead in the Fawaz’s building were carried to unknown destination just to keep their silence, could this be justice?

Prince Cooper was discovered unconscious in the Fawaz Building, owned by Lebanese merchants at ELWA Junction and was declared dead upon arrival at the ELWA Hospital. Police has since attributed her death to natural causes following autopsy by government’s pathologists.

The Family of the deceased disagreed but later turned down government’s offer to bring its own pathologists for an independent autopsy at government’s expense.

They claimed that the deceased’s call log showed that she has been in conversation with a Lebanese national at the Fawaz Building where she was discovered lying unconsciously in a pool of blood that oozed from her mouth and nose.

In his eulogy, Dr. Momo recounted the “lapses of the police in the investigation”.
“Could this still be justice when the Lebanese national and the person of interest, claimed, he never saw you in his life. Could this be justice, when the same Lebanese national’s call log reviled that he was one of the last person to ever call you, Princess could this be justice? Not just revealing, he was the last person who called you. The call was at the ELWA junction, is this justice, Princess”

“Could this be justice when it took authorities six days to request a CCTV footage of where you were found dead? It took them six days. Could this be justice at which time all that were in deleted, could this be justice, Princess?”

By: Edwin Battaforyen – Intern

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