Prominent Liberian Business Mogul George Kailondo Son  Dragged To Court For Shooting

The Liberia National Police has forwarded to court one of Liberia’s prominent Businessmen George B.Kailondo Sr. Son for allegedly shooting a man identified as Mohammed Kamara. 

The Liberian businessman’s son was dragged to court in handcuff and was seen walking to the Monrovia City Court with court officers to answer to the crimes of Aggravated Assault and Recklessly Endangering another person’s life.

According to the police charge sheet in the possession of k-news, the incident occurred on October 7, 2020, at Carey and Center Street where he (Kailondo  Jr.) was arrested and charged with the crime of possession and sale of physical objects for lethal use, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person

Defendant Kailondo Jr. is the son of a Liberian Businessman and Counselor At-law, George B. Kailonda Sr.

The crimes committed by defendant Kailondo, according to the police charge sheet violate chapter 17.11 and chapter 14. Section 14.23 respectively of the revised Penal code of Liberia.

According to the charge sheet, defendant Kailondo Jr. purposely, knowingly, and recklessly took a pistol from victim Mohammed Kamara and while playing with the pistol, it fired from his (Kailondo Jr.) hands and built hit the victim in his stomach.

During a police in-depth investigation conducted on October 7, 2022, victim Kamara went to a business center (B&J Luxury Limited) of Bryant Wilson with a pistol; which he claimed was owned by one Khalil Bongary who sent him for the gun.

“When victim Kamara arrived with the gun at Bryant’s store, accordingly, the gun started slipping down in his trouser,” the charge sheet noted.

The investigators further, “while trying to adjust the gun in his trouser by bringing it out, Mitchell who is one of the workers of Wilson glanced at the gun and told the victim ‘you and all carrying a fake gun around here, but victim Kamara told Mitchell Dee that the gun wasn’t fake”.

Police investigators also revealed that within that time, defendant Kailondo Jr. went to the said business center to purchase a phone from Wilson and told the victim to give him the gun to see.

Based on the instruction from the defendant, victim Kamara handed the gun to the defendant, at which time, he (the defendant) advanced the gun and one of the bullets from the gun fell on the floor.

It further indicated that as soon as the gun fired, everyone in the store started running halter scatter when the victim eventually fell on the ground beneath the table and later noticed that he was bleeding; adding that at that point, the weapon was still in the possession of defendant Kailondo Jr.

After the incident had occurred, the victim was then placed into a kekeh and taken to Mawah Clinic at Vai Town for treatment but was refused on grounds that,  there wasn’t space at the Clinic. The victim was however transferred to the JFK Memorial Hospital., where he is undergoing treatment. 

The weapon which was used by defendant Kailondo was removed from the crime scene and is currently in the hands of the alleged owner Khalil Bongary, currently on the run.

Meanwhile, Police said defendant  Khalil Bongary who is on the run, is also charged in absentia with the crime of possession and sale of Physical objects in violation of Chapter 17.11 of the Penal Code. 

Judge Jomah Jallah, however, called the case and informed defendant Kailondo Jr. that his crime was bailable, and based on said provision, the defendant’s legal team filed a surety bond releasing defendant George B. Kailondo Jr. 

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