Protecting Domestic Manufacturers, Pres. Weah Issues Executive Order 199 on Imported Goods

Monrovia, Liberia – President George Weah has issued an Executive Order imposing a surcharge on a few imported goods or raw materials to protect domestic manufacturers and stimulate economic growth.

The Executive Order 119 takes immediate effect, and it seeks to solidify the gains realized under Executive Order No. 103, and it is to continue to stimulate economic growth in the Liberian economy.

In an E-mansion release, the Executive Order is in recognition of the increased need to continue the stimulation of local manufacturing, especially after years of slowdown in economic activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing economic shocks.

It is also the government’s way of recognizing the need to provide incentives for domestic job creation as envisaged under Pillar 2 (Economy and Job) of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) by protecting local businesses from unfair competition from international brands of locally manufactured goods.

The Order imposes a local industry development surcharge on the importation of certain goods and/or raw materials that are imported in such quantity and manner that may injure or undermine the survival of local manufacturers.

According to the Executive Order, such products and rates shall be published by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. It is noted that there shall be a transitional period of 60 days before the application of surcharges.

Some of the products captured under this category and coded include flour, confectionery, wafer, nail ( other than zinc hooked-nail and ring nails), zinc (Corrugated Steel Steel), and cement. Others listed are plastic wares, soap, bleach, eggs, tissue, paper towels, soft drinks, deformed bars, steel rods, metal scrap exports, etc.

This period is meant to accommodate affected goods already ordered and in transit to Liberia or with confirmed shipping dates as of the effective date of this Executive Order.

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