PUP National Chairman, Rep. Korgar Terms ‘Null and Void’ Recent Resolution to Support Pres. Weah in 2023 Elections

Rep. Samuel in regular session at the chamber of the House of Representative

MONROVIA- The National Chairman of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), Rep. Samuel G. Kogar has termed as null and void a resolution signed and adopted by some members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and governing council of the party endorsing the second term presidential bid of President George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

PUP informed CDC that the statement to decline in accepting the purported resolution as it is a bad faith dealing and its acquisition amounts to fraud.

In a release late Tuesday evening, PUP through its National Chairman, Rep. Kogar said before the decision and in line with the party’s constitution, he communicated with the chairman of the GC, Tokpah Mulba that the meeting for which a memorandum was circulated in the chatroom, did not meet the requirement outlined in the constitution and cautioned the conveners to call off the meeting until the procedures were followed- a call that was ignored by the convener.

“Hence, as National Chairman whose authroity is based the constitution of the PUP and in the interest of restoring constitutional sanctity, the meeting of April 19, 2023 and its accompanying resolution are hereby deemed null and void and the conveners are asked to regurn to status quo ante, in the interest of the party.” PUP stated in a release.

According to the party, the gross and unending violations of the constitution by its colleagues, the meeting of April 19, 2023, and the subsequent procurement of a resolution qualified for the “fruit of the poisonous Tree Doctrine and the legal definition set forth by our laws for fruad to lie, which is a vitiating circumstance for a contract to be invalid”.  

The party’s statement signed by Rep. Kogar stated that while it has no ill will toward President Weah and his government or his party but wants the right things to be done, it will complain to the National Elections Commission to reverse the action of April 19, if these early warnings are not adhered to. 

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