PUP Refutes Reports of Supporting Reelection of Pres. Weah

The People’s Unification Party (PUP) through its National Chairman, Samuel G. Kogar has refuted reports that the party is contemplating on supporting the reelection of President George Weah or supporting certain political parties in the pending elections.

In the last couple of weeks, rumors have heightened that some executives of the PUP have already concluded discussions and have assured the hierarchy of the governing CDC that a decision would be announced soon to support President George Weah’s reelection bid.

The speculations increased even more about a week ago after an executive member of the party, Bong County District #5 Representative, Edward Karfiah announced in Gbarnga, that he was in support of the second term bid of President Weah and the CDC.

But speaking during the weekend at a program organized by the Women Congress of the People’s Unification Party at the party’s Headquarters in Monrovia, the National Chairman, Samuel Kogar stated that the party has made no decision to join or pledge support to any of the parties or individuals seeking the Liberian Presidency in next year’s elections.

Kogar said the current position of the PUP is that it is not fielding a presidential candidate, and so its doors are open for meetings, discussions, and/or negotiations with any and all political parties and actors in the democratic space, as the nation prepares itself for the much anticipated presidential and legislative elections.

He clarified that the PUP has not given permission or authority to any of its officials or members to pledge support for any individual or political party, alliance, or coalition on its behalf and that any official or member of the PUP who’s announcing support for another political party or candidate (aspirant) is doing so in his or her own name, not in the name of the People’s Unification Party.

Representative Kogar spoke highly about the respect, cultural values, unity, democratic inclusion, and collective spirit in the People’s Unification Party, the key principles on which the party and its mother (Liberia Unification Party) of the late politician and activist, Gabriel Kpolleh were founded.

Speaking earlier in the day when he was recognized by the Civil Society Consortium-Security Observatory at the Capitol Building, the Nimba County District #5 Representative cautioned all Liberians to consider the 2023 elections as a crucial deciding moment for the democratic reputation, economic development, safety and security of the country, and not another chance to grab the money and material possessions and plunge the country into political and economic backwardness.

He noted that politicians and ordinary citizens are equally guilty of contributing to the political and economic tragedy of the country when they chase money and other individual favors to make decisions that lead to weak and negative electoral outcomes.

The CSO-Security Observatory lauded Representative Kogar, Co-chair of the House’s Committee on National Security, for his meaningful contribution to the much-needed security sector reform programs and exercises of Liberia, particularly, since the departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

The Security Observatory secretariat also listed Rep. Kogar as one of the knowledgeable lawmakers of the Constitution and the Rules of the House of Representatives, one of the few critical voices in the House of Representatives, and a resounding voice for Nimba County on the national scene.

They urged the Nimba District #5 Representative to maintain his political and democratic development role as one of the most influential party chairs in the country currently.

The Observatory group recounted that under Kogar’s chairmanship, the People’s Unification Party (PUP), with little resources, has grown in numerical strength and political influence at the Legislature (Senate and House of Representatives), with six members of the House of Representatives and two senators in a short period.

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