Rape Allegation Hangs Over LDEA Maryland County Commander, Joseph Targeddine

The Commander of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Maryland Land County Detachment, Joseph Targeddine has allegedly raped a sixteen-year-Old manor in Harper City, Maryland County.

The victim’s parents accused Commander Targeddine and reported to the Liberia National Police Women and Children Protection Unit in the County.

The family has on many occasions seen Commander Targeddine with their daughter but refused to heed their advice.

“We observed many times that the LDEA Commander was been seen around our daughter, we warned him on different occasions to stop but he refused,” family sources said.

Sometime in early February 2023, the victim began to show signs of weakness and was taken for a medical check-up at J.J. Dossen Hospital.

After the medical examination, it was established that the victim is pregnant and she named the LDEA commander Joseph Targeddine as the owner of the pregnancy.

In conversation with the head of the Woman and Children Protection Unit in the County, Mrs. Kangar revealed that the allegation is a Statutory rape and is in violation of section 14.70C of the panel code law of Liberia.

When contacted commander Joseph Targeddine said he is open to investigation and that he is not above the law.

“I will be in the County next week to face the investigation and if I am guilty of the allegation I am not above the law, I will obey the law and serve the punishment,” Joseph Targeddine lamented.

By: Peter P. Toe, Jr.
Maryland Correspondent

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