Ravia Angels 1-2 Shaita Angels: Bendu Harris Stars Huge Win for Shaita Angels

Shaita Angels have returned to the top of the Women’s Lower League for the first time since December as they leapfrogged leaders Ravia Angels with a vital victory at the famous open-air Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

The Careysburg giants turned on the power in the second half in the biggest game of the domestic season as Ravia Angels paid a heavy price for individual errors.

The match was recorded as the biggest battle for the title in the Women’s Lower League between the two sides as they heat one another for the second biggest women’s championship in Liberia.

Guarded, would probably be the best way to describe the opening stages at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, with both Ravia Angels and Shaita Angels playing their cards close to their chest.

It took more than twenty-five minutes for the first meaningful goalmouth action to arrive, and it fell the way of the unmarked when the host Ravia Angels got the opening goal from a directed header.

Ravia Angels found out the hard way just moments after taking the lead and Shaita Angels make their opponents rue their missed chances and make use of the lay chances created which resulted in the equalizer from captain Nelresa Teah to put the match one goal apiece after the first half.

It proved to be a hurdle that Ravia Angels couldn’t overcome, as Shaita Angels wrapped up their eleven league victory on a Wednesday with a customary Bendu Harris strike, though perhaps none of those eleven prior Wednesday wins have been as pivotal as this one.

The title race certainly isn’t over yet, and Ravia Angels will know that, but this defeat is certainly a crushing blow to their chances as Shaita Angels move one point clear on top with seven games to be played.

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