Relatives of Deceased Mother of Five Accused Red-Light Wheelbarrow Man of Sodomizing Her

PAYNESVILLE – Police have arrested a wheelbarrow man in Red Light for allegedly sodomizing a commercial sex worker that ended up dying of the wounds.

The deceased, Princess Kerkulah died on Thursday, April 20 as the result of severe wound sustained from anal sex with the unnamed wheelbarrow man, according to her family.

The deceased, who was a mother of five, and a resident of Old Gobachop Community in Red-Light, is said to have fallen ill, and when her condition got worse, she told her relatives what happened to her before she died on Thursday.

A woman, Yama Kulah, who claimed to be the deceased’s godmother told K-news that prior to her demise, the deceased was so sick and she (Madam Kulah) advised her to visit the hospital for treatment, but it was too late.

Madam Kulah said she was later informed by the victim of how she was sexually abused by the alleged perpetrator whose name has not been disclosed by the police.

She said after Princess’ death, she called the police and they arrested the alleged perpetrators, but the Police are now demanding proof from the family in the form of a medical report to continue with their investigation.

However, the elder brother of the deceased, Abraham Kerkulah has expressed frustration in the LNP for what he called their “unrealistic request.”

Mr. Kerkulah said his late sister was not taken to the hospital when she was alive, and as such, it would be difficult to provide any medical report.

“The Police are saying that we should carry health certificate for the dead body that is lying down there. We ask them what the medical report is all about since they get the same information about my sister’s death. We were not here when this happened,” Kerkulah said.

He explained that his late sister was engaged in street activities when she was alive, leading her to end up in such a tragic manner. He added that the family exerted all effort to dissuade her from a such terrible life and return home to live like a normal child, but all their efforts did not materialize.

By Emmanuel Toe

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