Rep. Gray Weds His Wife In Paris

For the past hours, there has been photos of Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous Gray wedding his wife in Paris, France.

This wedding is the first of it kind in the history of Liberia, for a lawmaker to leave his own country with suffering population, where he was elected to go out in having his wedding in another country.

After the ceremony, the CDC lawmaker took too to this social media informing the public about the occasion.

The post which has since gone virus, saw several Liberians taking to the social media to condemn the move by the CDC lawmaker, Key among them is Samuel Williams. He said, “I don’t blame this terrible and irresponsible lawmaker, I blame our cdcian brothers and sisters who struggle in poverty to survive defend this kind of irresponsible behavior from a terrible ineptitude lawmaker”.

Why he did not do this while out of office? Hope our lawmaker think about our gas situation, the number of people that are sleeping with hunger, our brother that are suffering in the ghettos.

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