Rep. Kogar Expresses Doubt Over LDEA, NSA, MoJ’s Investigation of US$100m Confiscated Drugs

Nimba County District #5 representative Samuel G. Kogar has expressed doubt over the investigation by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and others after speedily destroying confiscated drugs in the Country.

The cocaine weighing 520 kilograms was destroyed by the Liberian government last week but the district lawmaker said the investigation has been slow.

Speaking with some Liberians at a gathering in Paynesville, Representative Kogar said the US$100 million worth of narcotic drugs is such a colossal consignment whose investigation must be a national priority, and should not appear to end or lose stain at the burning of the substances.

He vowed to push for the summoning of LDEA and NSA officials and authorities of the Ministry of Justice before the House National Security Committee for a major inquiry.

Kogar emphasized that Liberia has repeatedly been designated by powerful countries’ anti-drugs agencies and organizations, as one of the major transit points in Africa for illegal drugs destined for Europe and other parts of the world, and as such, the government cannot afford to give a low key approach to an investigation involving such a huge bust and seizure.

The drugs, according to the NSA and LDEA, were transiting to an unnamed destination through Liberia when they were busted and seized following a rip-off from the United States Government.
Out of a total of 520Kgs, 518Kgs were burnt while 2Kgs were kept for “FOC” (Fruit of the Crime).

At least five persons have been named as suspects, and three are currently in custody in connection with the smuggling operation.
The suspects are Gustavo Henrique, a Brazilian, Adulai Djibril, a Portuguese, and Malam Conte from Guinea Bissau. Conte is currently in custody.

A fourth suspect, a Lebanese national identified as Issam Makki who resides in Liberia, was arrested on the Sierra Leone side of the Liberian border early Sunday morning while trying to escape. Makki, according to investigators, was part of the cartel tasked with negotiating with local businesses to buy their container once the frozen goods arrived at the port in Monrovia. He was arrested along with Oliver Zayzay, a Liberian who is also believed to have a connection to the cocaine.

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