Rep. Kolubah Thrown out of Session again, Accuses Acting Public Works Minister of being In Extra Marital Affairs with Minister of State

Monrovia – The first day marking the return of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature from their usual Easter break on Tuesday was marred by confusion and scathing verbal attacks against House Speaker Bhofal Chambers and two senior cabinet ministers of the Weah’s administration by Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County district #10.

He was thrown out of session for his ‘unruly’ behavior.

It all started when Rep. Kolubah attempted to make series of amendments to the motion proffered by one his colleagues to adopt the agenda.

In one of his proposed amendments, the opposition lawmaker craved the indulgence of the house to include his communication to invite public works minister Ruth Coker-Collins in open plenary.

In his communication months prior to their Easter break; the tough talking district lawmaker accused acting Public Works Minister Cooker-Collins of assaulting obstructing his construction work in his district and assaulting him.

However, following delay for several months, and his usual outburst, the communication later surfaced on the floor but the acting public works minster did not appear to answer to concerns raised by the lawmaker till their Easter break, where he was assured by the House of looking into the matter upon their return.

Unfortunately, after their return, none of Rep. Kolubah’s communications were seen on the agenda as promised, thus prompting his un-readiness.

In an angry tone, he accused the acting Public Works Minister of having an extra marital affair with Minister of State for Presidential Nathaniel McGill- which he said is the sole reason why the minister has not been able to honor the house’s request.

“I will be ready to vote if my communication written before we close- about CDC Collins obstructing my work, and the speaker wrote the letter to her and she said because she’s loving to the minister, is not answerable to the house be made to appear,” he moved.  

Rep. Kolubah, who was later interrupted by his fellow lawmaker also alarmed of being harassed and forced to join the ruling government.

“What have I done, I force to join CDC…. to hell with CDC” he intoned.

This is not the first time for the opposition lawmaker to be thrown out of session.

Recently, some CDC lawmakers (Saah Foko and Rep. Gray) threatened to beat him if he ever insults the presidency. He was thrown out of session and later suspended with

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