Rep. Kolubah ‘Protecting Opposition  from Suppression by Government  Ahead  of 2023 Elections’

Montserrado district #10 Rep. Yekeh Y. Kolubah has announces  2000 jackets with 2000 barriers  in his possession  out of 10, 000  to train militants  to protect  the opposition  from the suppression of the government  ahead  of 2023 presidential and general elections. 

He accused  the Liberia National  Police  inspector general , Patrick Sudue  with his official spokesperson  Moses Carter  of turning the institution  to partisan  Police and  taking  direct  order  from the Coalition for Democratic Change  Authority. 

Yekeh  said, the Collaborative Political Parties  Regime will  prosecute the Police Inspector general  and his spokesman   for their abuse of power  in their  respective  offices  sooner  they take over the state. 

He alleged that,  the council of churches and ECOWAS are taking side with  Weah’s  regime  as a result,  none of them are condemning the evil act  melted over the Citizens. 

The Controversial  district #10 Lawmaker however  announced  a massive  protest  on December 09, this year  at the American Embassy  near Monrovia  to call on President  Weah to account  for the Human rights violations  in his regime.

In another development, Rep. Kolubah has alarmed  his removal from the House of Representatives official Chat room  for his alleged  involvement in providing information  to media institution in Liberia.

Recently, there were screenshots from the chat room of member of the house of representative circulation on social media.

However, addressing the Media late Sunday evening  at his district  office Rep. Kolubah  termed  the situation as political motivation  by President George Weah  through  his loyalties at the house of  Representatives  to keep him far from discussing  national issues. 

According  to him, their  official  Chat room is not a private  Chat room to discuss  private issues but an official Chat room meant to discuss  National  related  matters in which  no one has the right to remove  any one without  any concrete  reason.

He challenges  the Authority of the House  of Representatives  to provide  any proof of their alleged accusation leveled  against  him and vow to react to the administrator  of their  Chatroom  if no proof is provided. 

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