Representative Ellen Attoh-Wreh Honored for Her Outstanding Contributions

KAKATA, Margibi County – The Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel, Margibi Chapter, has bestowed honors and certificates upon Representative Ellen Attoh-Wreh of District #3, Margibi County in recognition of her remarkable contributions to the local Christian community.

During the program held on September 10, 2023, at the Militant Church of God in Kakata, Rev. Eddie Gbarngawoe Seboe, Chairman of the Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel – Margibi Chapter, delivered a sermon in which he highlighted Representative Wreh’s significant contributions to the Christian community in Margibi County. He emphasized that these honors and certificates were a testament to her dedication and support.

The event brought together more than 15 clergymen from Districts #3 and #4 in Margibi County, who came to show their appreciation for Representative Wreh’s contributions to the Full Gospel in the county. Rev. Seboe commended the Margibi lawmaker for her selfless efforts and encouraged her to continue her work, assuring her that the Lord would reward her for her service.

In response, Representative Ellen Attoh-Wreh expressed her gratitude to the Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel for the unexpected honor. She humbly stated that her contributions were not driven by a desire for recognition but were motivated by a sincere wish to assist churches facing challenges.

Furthermore, Representative Attoh-Wreh stressed that the allocation of slots to religious communities should not be viewed as an opportunity for showmanship, but as a means to ensure representation from all sectors in sharing the national resources.

She urged her supporters and religious communities to make informed voting choices in the upcoming elections on October 10, emphasizing the importance of voting for progress rather than succumbing to pressure from individuals who may not have the best interests of the county at heart.

By Moses P. Gibson

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