Rivercess County Senator Wellington Geevon Smith Urges President Weah to Reject Violence and Provocation

MONROVIA – Senator Wellington Geevon Smith of Rivercess County has delivered a stern message to President George Weah, cautioning him against endorsing violence during the ongoing electoral process. The Senator emphasized that the repercussions of such actions would ultimately fall squarely on the President’s shoulders.

In his address, Senator Smith expressed his concern about recent incidents, particularly the act of members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) symbolically carrying a casket containing images of a living political figure. He implored President Weah to refrain from any involvement in such provocative actions, highlighting the potential legal consequences that could follow.

Smith said should these actions lead to dire outcomes; the President will face prosecution. Given the history of conflict in Liberia, the Rivercess lawmaker said it is imperative that the President exercise restraint and wisdom and not allow himself to be swayed into actions that could hold him accountable in the future.”

He stressed the opposition’s commitment to maintaining peace and preventing a regression to the country’s past, adding that their approach is one of responsibility and reason,” Senator Smith asserted.

The Senator’s remarks were prompted by a recent incident where a casket adorned with images of former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the Unity Party (UP) was paraded by President Weah’s ruling CDC. The move was interpreted as a symbolic declaration of the end of Boakai’s presidential aspirations.

As the political atmosphere intensifies and various parties engage in heated exchanges, the opposition Unity Party has made combating drug proliferation a central theme of its campaign. The party has criticized the Weah-Taylor administration for what it termed as its inadequacy in addressing the drug issue, using the recent high-profile drug bust case as evidence of this shortcoming.

Senator Smith highlighted the electorate’s role in shaping the country’s future, urging them to evaluate the government’s track record and its impact on society.

“I am not here to tell you not to vote for President Weah. I am not telling you not to vote for a government that was unable to successfully prosecute people who brought over US$100 million cocaine into our country. Decide for yourself,” Smith told a large group of UP supporters.

Continuing, he said: “I am not stopping anybody from voting for CDC, but if your children are becoming drug addicts, then that is your decision to make. If the president can ask the Legislature to make six million available in the budget to increase civil servant salaries and the money was provided by the legislature and today some of the civil servants are making forty-five and thirty united states dollars, then that is your decision to make.”

According to him, the President advocated for, and secured a budget allocation of six million dollars to enhance the salaries of civil servants. However, some civil servants are still earning a meager sum of less than US$100. It is up to you to weigh the evidence and determine the path forward,” Senator Smith affirmed.

Senator Smith further reiterated the significance of responsible and well-informed decisions, emphasizing that the future trajectory of Liberia depends on the choices made by its citizens.

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