Rivercess District #2 Aspirant, Ruth Sawmadal Blames Underdevelopment to Inabilty of Lawmakers to Exercise Cardinal Function

A Representative Hopeful of Electoral District #2, Rivercess County, Hon. Ruth Sawmadal says the lack of development in the area is due to the inability of Rep. Byron Zanwhea to exercise the three cardinal functions as a lawmaker.

According to Hon. Sawmadal, unlike lawmakers of 1985, the Legislatures of Rivercess County have not been working in the interest of the electorates.

She revealed that the over 40 teachers and Health Workers in Rivercess that are not on Payroll are evidence that the District lawmaker lacks oversight responsibility.

The Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs explained that Hon. Zanwhea has not been able to introduce or push any Act to be passed as a Bill since the 53rd and 54th Legislatures.

She said that there are many good things happening in other Counties or Districts, but District 2, Rivercess County has never benefited anything better because of the lack of Love for the District and County.

The River Cess District’s #2 Representative hopeful promised to work in the interest of the County and District when elected in the pending elections.

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