Sanctioned McGill Endorsement Turns Sour in Margibi County

Following the Endorsement of United State-sanctioned former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, an Anti-group under the banner; Solidarity Margibians Against his senatorial bid, has called on all citizens from the length and birth of the County to resist electing him, in every way possible comes 2023 general elections.

The group also used the occasion to seek the indulgence of Margibians in the diaspora to condemn, shame reject, and publicly disgrace McGill for his involvement in public Corruption; thus stopping him from participating in the 2023 elections. 

Over the weekend,  some citizens of Margibi  County turned up in the Unification Town to endorse the senatorial bid of Nathaniel F. McGill, who was sanctioned by the U. S for the act of corruption, and obstruction of justice among other things.

However, during the endorsement ceremony in  Unification Town, lower Margibi County, McGill called on Margibians to vote for him because he is a common man who has come from nowhere but rose to prominence; noting ” my story is like your story, and I come from nowhere like many of you in this crowd “McGill used the occasion to also acknowledge president George for impacting his life and helping to improve his story by giving him the opportunity to go to school and serve in his government.” I am grateful to the president because he helped to make my journey a success ” he revealed 

According to McGill,  it was through the instrumentality of the president that he was given the opportunity to rise up from the slum, to become a name of prominence.

In response to the endorsement,  SOMANI Spokesman Israel Mayue speaking at a  Press conference in Lower Margibi County,  said the former Minister is a Criminal, who resigned on allegations of corruption and that his position at the office of the president, was taken away from him for said reason. 

It can be recalled that the Former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs,  Nathaniel McGill, and two top government officials in the Coalition for Democratic Change government,  were sanctioned for Public Corruption in August of this year by the U. S Treasury Department.

The advocacy group at the  same time applauded the decisions of  Citizens from Bong and Gbarpolu Counties for being farsighted in rejecting the  political ambition of McGill in their respective Counties adding ” Margibi County can not accept an international criminal like McGill” 

In their statement, the anti-group said, while in government, the former minister did not have any positive impact on the life of residents of the area but was all negative. They named the dismissal of over thirty-four Margibians by the sanctioned Minister from the Roberts International Airport,  for protesting for their five months arrears, and the burial of his mother with Fifty thousand United States Dollars: an amount which they believed could be used to construct modern Hospitals or Schools to cater to the ordinary Citizens.  

‘’He took our money, took your money to the burial of his mother. Brothers, that is wickedness and disrespect to our taxes’’ he cautioned.

He continued:  ‘’ County men and women is clear that McGill is suffering from the post-dramatic sanctioned disorder and a serious identity crisis” he asserted 

Meanwhile, the pressure group is calling on Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to lunch a speedy investigation of Former Minister Nathaniel Falo McGill and his sanctioned colleagues.

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    Darkir Dyujay Lansanah 11 months

    When I read the headline and saw “turn sour”, I thought it had to do with something that occurred during the program, only to read about a group of young people who are known to be supporting someone else. 

    Let the law take its course; “innocent until proven guilty”, that’s what I’ve heard all through. 

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