Sen. Johnson Rubbishes Reports Denigrating Unity Party Vice Standard Bearer

Senator Johnson told Journalists that the recording is a “cut and paste”

PAYNESVILLE- The Chairman of the Governing Council of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) has rubbish reports that he described Senator Jeremiah Koung as being “temperamental” and not fit to serve as vice standard bearer to Amb. Joseph Boakai.

Since Monday evening, recordings have been aired on various electronic media purporting to be the original recording of Sen. Prince Johnson criticizing Senator Jeremiah Koung for being too temperamental to serve as vice standard bearer to Ambassador Boakai.

But, addressing a press conference at his house in Paynesville, Senator Johnson described the recording as a “cut and paste” only intended to create confusion between him and Senator Koung.

Senator Johnson told Journalists that the recording is a “cut and paste”

Earlier, a caption went viral with the caption “Tension Brews In Unity Party Camp! Prince Johnson To Request UP To Withdraw Candidates Against MDR”.

It is reported that authoritative sources in the Unity Party (UP) have confirmed that the Founder of MDR is not happy with the UP and its Standard Bearer, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, for fielding candidates against the MDR in three districts in Nimba County.

According to reports, Senator Johnson has requested that the UP withdraws its candidates against the MDR because it is not in the interest of supporters of the party.

The preliminary listing of the National Elections Commission (NEC) reveals that the UP has put up candidates against the MDR in three of the nine districts of Nimba County. District #3, the UP is fielding Morris Saye McGill Darbo and the MDR is fielding Nehker E. Gaye; in District #8, the UP fields Doolakeh Taryor while the MDR is fielding Saye S. Mianah; and in District #9, UP is fielding Richard Matenokay Tingban, while the MDR fields Gongbehn O. Dekpah.

It is reported that Senator Johnson has been quiet but emotional about the decision of the Unity Party to field candidates against the MDR, especially in Nimba, and has requested a meeting with the UP Standard Bearer upon his return from the United States of America.

In a meeting with the Nimba County chairpersons of both the Unity Party and the MDR, in Gompa, MDR Nimba Chairperson, Joseph Wongan, said his party has lived up to the agreement between the two parties to not field candidates against each other in the October 10 election, but the Unity Party has acted to the contrary in the county.

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