Sen. Johnson’s MDR Demand Resignation of Jefferson Koijee

The Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR) of former rebel leader and now Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson is demanding the resignation of Jefferson Koijee as the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) in the wake of an allegation linking him to the attack on the home of the former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott in Brewerville.

Addressing an impromptu press in Congo Town during the weekend, MDR through its National Vice Chairman for Mobilization, Nelsco Wolo appealed to the international community to mount pressure on the CDC-led government to make Mr. Koijee resign as Mayor.

According to him, Mayor Koijee has provided arms to some members of the Monrovia City Police, which are not allowed to carry arms under the law of the country.

Vice Chairmen Kelvin Matadi, Nelsco Wolo & Youth Chair Sec. Gen.

Wolo also stressed the need to press for an investigation into the many unexplained deaths and killings in the country during the regime of President George Weah.

The MDR National Vice Chairman made unequivocally clear that the gruesome murder of the niece of Counselor Scott never came as a surprise and claimed that the party holds the Liberian government, especially the Liberia National Police responsible.

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, the former Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Counselor Jerome Verdier, on a local radio alleged that the attack on the home of Counselor Scott was orchestrated by Jefferson Koijee, who is also the National Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

But, Mayor Jefferson Koijee, during a press conference, denied the allegations terming it as an attempt by Counselor Verdier to tarnish his name.

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