Sen. Koung Skeptical Over Elections Results, Urges Electorates to Protect Vote on October 10

SINKOR, Monrovia- Unity Party Vice Running Jeremiah Koung is cautioning supporters to stand together and protect the ballot box during these elections.

The Nimba County Senator alleged that the only alternative for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government is to raid the October 10 elections, and as major opposition, they are to work together and protect the massive interest for a “one-round victory comes October”.

“The only option left for the CDC is to cheat. That’s the only option that the CDC gets to win this election. They are in disarray, so we must mind our ballot”, he said.

Speaking during the opening of the Party Campaign center in Sinkor during the weekend, the Unity Party Vice Presidential candidates also used the occasion to call on NEC to announce the October 10 election results by electoral districts.

He said releasing the results of votes gathered by presidential candidates from each electoral district in the 15 counties will help promote an election that is free from irregularities and will avoid conflict of interest.

“Amb. Boakia has instructed the Chairman of the Unity Party and all other party chairs to write NEC and to inform our International partners that this election we want the result to be announced by electoral districts”, he warned.

The warning is coming just a few months into the general elections. Many political pundits believe that when the votes of the opposition community are not protected, the chances for the opposition community to raid the elections will be high.

By: Daniel Cole

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