Sen. Zargo Alarms Over Lofa’s Deplorable Road

Lofa County Senator Steve Zargo says the County is far from its best due to the bad road condition that is impeding the movement of Citizens.

According to Sen. Zargo, Lofa County is completely cut off from Liberia, adding that before accessing some parts of the County you have to go through Guinean or Sierra Leone- a situation he said is creating serious hardship for the ordinary Citizens in the County.

“Lofa County is not at its best because the road to Lofa is cut off.” He continued “if you want to go to Voinjama or other parts of the County you will have to pass through Guinean or Serra leone.”

The Lofa County Lawmaker pointed out that the challenges in Lofa County are huge, thus calling on the Ministry of Public Works to look into the road antiquely, a project he believes when completed will bring great relief to inhabitants of Lofa.

Senator Zargo is however calling for a holistic approach on the Lofa road void of politics.

The road leading to Lofa County is noted of being very deplorable. Unlike wealthy politicians who used other countries like Guinea and Sierra Leone for entry, the common citizens are finding it difficult to smoothly commute.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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