Senate Pro Tempore Chie Accuses Amb. McCarthy of Spreading Propaganda to Strengthen Opposition – Latest Liberian News

MONROVIA – The fourth high ranking official of the Liberian Government, President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert T. Chie, has accused U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael McCarthy of serving as a propaganda machinery for the opposition ahead of Liberia’s crucial presidential and legislative elections.

Recently, the U.S. Ambassador following his county-wide tour, accused the Liberian Government officials of buttering their bread in Monrovia while ordinary citizens languish in abject poverty.

He criticized the Liberian Legislature of appropriating huge budget in the tune of US$65 million for themselves in 2022, while hospitals and county service centers across the country are not being given their meager approved funding to operate.

But on his visit to Grand Kru, his home county, Senator Chie blasted the U.S. diplomat Ambassador for not ascertaining the fact from the Liberian Legislature or relevant authorities before issuing his damning statement.

While he did not deny that the Legislature appropriated the US$65 million, he justified that lawmakers used their salaries to undertake meaningful development projects within their respective counties and constituencies.

“What do we do with the money we get? We build clinics, we buy drugs, we build schools, we build guest houses, etc., that’s what legislators all over the country do with their money,” he said.

He said Amb. McCarthy has been interfering in Liberian politics since his arrival, adding that was behind his recalling by Washington.

“He’s fond of spreading falsehood because this is an election year so that the opposition would be strengthened. He’s lying because of his support to a field that shouldn’t be level because this is a political year,” Sen. Chie said.

“How can you be spreading falsehood on the government? This is why Washington has recalled him because he’s interfering with the politics of our country. He’s a foreigner and he must stick to his position.”.

The President Pro-Tempore also refuted media reports that Grand Kru County Superintendent snubbed the one day working visit of Ambassador McCarthy to the county.

Sen. Chie said the information provided by some media outlets about the absence of Grand Kru County Superintendent Madam Doris Ylatun are false and misleading, adding the United States Ambassador and his entourage entered Grand Kru County “nicodemusly” (unknownly).

“That ambassador is being alleged that he is an opposition supporter, how can you come to a county without informing the superintendent.”

Despite Sen. Chie’s claim, it was reported by the local media that ahead of the visit of Ambassador McCarthy, Superintendent Doris Ylatun announced to the public that she has received a message from the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia that a seven-men delegation from the embassy will be in Grand Kru County on the 18th of April 2023.

But she and the local authorities were not on hand to receive the Ambassador and his team. Amb. McCarthy had gone to inspect several United States sponsored projects in the county.

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