Senate Summons Ministry of Public Works, Mines, Energy, Finance, and others over ELWA to RIA Road Project Delay

Capitol Hill Monrovia Liberia -Members of the Liberian Senate have again cited authorities of the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Public Works, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources & Environment as well as the National Road Fund to appear before the “Committee of a Whole” on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 2 pm.

Plenary’s decision was triggered by a communication from Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon informing Plenary that the East International Company contracted to reconstruct and expand the ELWA to RIA Highway, clearly lacks the credentials, capacity, and ability to handle such a contract.

The Montserrado County Senator indicated in his communication that, the quality of work being done on the long corridor of the road from ELWA to RIA is poor and has become a “death trap” to commuters plying the route and is causing grave loss to business owners.

According to Senator Dillon, some stores may even shut down, if not already shut down as a result of the embarrassment already caused by the poor construction of the road.

‘’Pro-term let the plenary constitute as a committee of the whole is dealing with issues of the RIA Road’’ Dillon said.

Based on these reasons, Senator Dillon requested the intervention of the Senate Plenary to cite the above Ministries and Government agencies to explain to the Plenary of the Liberian Senate in detail the actual information concerning the ELWA to RIA Highway Road contract.

Meanwhile, the Plenary of the Senate also instructed the above Government Ministries and agencies to forward all relevant documents surrounding the ELWA to RIA road Contract to the Secretary of the Senate before their appearances.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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