Shaita Angels Vice President Wants More Women’s Participation in Football

MONROVIA – Orange lower league giant Shaita Angels Football Club’s first female vice president Miss Benita Urey wants more women’s involvement in the growth and development of football across Liberia.

Serving as one of the three speakers at this year’s Football Forum Seminar held at Smart Liberia in Monrovia on Saturday, October 22, Miss Urey said there are many reasons why more women are not serving key positions at the Liberia Football Association something she strongly believed needs to be changed to see more women’s in top football administration.

Miss Urey added that if football should grow in Liberia, Liberians should do away with the mindset that females are not capable of serving in top positions in football, she challenges football clubs in Liberia to see reasons for appointing women in top positions if they want to see a change.

“We need more women in football and this can only happen if we empower women at top positions, we all will love to see more women’s involvement in football and it will help us a lot.”
“The mindset of Liberians has to change for a lot of things to change in this country believe it or not for the second year in a row, there has only been one woman in the executive committee of Liberian football.”

Meanwhile, Miss Benita Urey is calling on parents to kindly allow their girl’s children to play soccer when the opportunity is given to them, adding that it could help the child achieve their dreams if the parents provide them the green light.

She at the same time extends her thanks and appreciation to the leadership of President Mustapha Raji at the Liberia Football Association for his continued effort toward the growth and development of women’s football under his administration.

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