Sheik Bashiru, America’s Indicted scammer, a Diplomat???

Who issued diplomatic passport to Sheik Bashiru? What roll did he play in the Liberian diplomatic circles, when did he become a diplomat? These questions and more has begun to fly around knowing so well the have received credible intelligence that upon his arrest, an Official diplomatic passport was discovered on him that was being used around the world.

It is already known that Liberian diplomatic passport is being used be several foreign persons to commit serious crime around the world, for instance the biggest bank fraud seen in Norway in recent time, have the handy mark of a foreign national with Liberian Passport.

The use of the diplomatic passport by Sheik Bashiru, brings to question who and who can hold or have the right to hold Liberian diplomatic passport and for what purpose is it issued by individuals, not even official or service passport, but diplomatic passport which provides easy passage for individuals escaping the laws of countries they committed such crime in or provides them easy access to individuals both in private and public sectors of any nation.

With the arrest of Sheik Bashiru and the conditions he was arrested, including the core element of his indictment, his holding of Liberia’s diplomatic passport, brings too much to bear on the government and her ability to conduct international policy business fairly in the interest of the Liberian people.

One commentator put it simple, if this guy can hold a diplomatic passport, then we have no due dalliance process in Liberia, and if we do not have such, we have no security, or if none of these are the issues, then it must be one induced to have such individual handed diplomatic document that provides covering for serious crime.
It is reported that whilst he was free and moving in Liberia, the Liberian businessman had access to so much government security environment, walking into meetings with international high profiled individuals and so on, that his dealings spelt doom for so many if a full investigation is carried out today.
It is alleged, Bashiru who recently brought Psquare to Liberia once boasted that his contribution to President Weah and his government is non comparable, and that he was indeed a major part of the government success story, and that anyone who doubted him should speak to the Minister of state for Presidential affair in Mr. Nathaniel McGill.

Mr. Bashiru who is seen in one video on a social media page inspecting his newly acquired mansion that was under construction in Maryland state in the United States, is known to be loud and boastful, most importantly with his lack of control for words and his arrest may compromise and expose several individuals in high places in the Present government of President George Weah.
However, the need for full investigation into this passport saga is extremely important.

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