BREAKING NEWS: Sheik Bashiru Prepares To Cooperate: 30years Is Not His Wish (Big Names, Collaborators Will Fall)

With Sheik Bashiru’s public outcry that does not seem to be going away anytime soon, and his pictures with high flying official of government, including president George Weah, Jewel Howard Taylor, Minister of finance, several others, international business personalities and others, the spilling bean seems to be close to being sounded for the kick off to full blown discus of his activities and collaborators involved.

The feds from Intel and consistent tab being kept on the unfolding by, K-news can conveniently state categorically that the indictee, who was taken into custody a few days ago, is now preparing himself for spilling the bean.

It is strongly believed that he is prepare to reduce his expected 30years jail term over  verdict to five  years, based on how well he is prepared to cooperate.

The indicted Businessman knows that even his five years term could keep him behind bars for 8-years, as the filing and hearing for parole for release, will take another 3 years after serving his stipulated agreed 5years stay in jail, and that he will be deported after the jail period.

He seems to be prepared to begin mentioning names of collaborators within and outside of the government of President Weah; who knows the names he may be prepared to mention? has chats with legal minds in Washington D.C on the implication of such fallout from the indictment and trail of Sheik Bashiru. All legal minds spoken to were clear that, when he agrees and mention names in the case as seen, the federal government through the feds, will have no option than to take serious actions against whoever is seen to have collaborated with the indictee to commit crimes on the soil of the United States of America.

Our source in this legal matter in the U.S further stated that the case does not seem to be fearing good for the image of Liberia and the government; as too many international personalities seem to have spoken about themselves in meetings with government officials and Sheik Bashiru walks in to have a chair at the table, evidence by too many pictures flying here and everywhere.

However, following investigation by the U.S government, the government of Liberia over the last ten days have swept up full actions to take seize of all Bashiru’s Properties in the country as well as his bank accounts with the understanding that as he is being tried in the United States, it is best to hold onto these as they could be suspect of such crime as committed by him over time.

Sheik Bashiru inspecting his house in the U.S recently.

Menwhile, the international community is standing tall awaiting what pronouncement will be coming out of the secret cupboard of indicted Sheik Bashiru, a man who have now come to be known as the Hushpuppy of Liberia, who had blown several announcements about his gold company, the luxury car business established in Liberia, as well as owning great properties in Dubai, with the construction of a mansion in Maryland, the United States of America.

Investigation Continues

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